Dembidollo Airport inaugurated

Addis Ababa, June 25, 2016 (FBC) –Dembidollo Airport built in Oromia Regional State at a cost of more than 73 million birr was inaugurated today.

Present at the inaugural ceremony were Muktar Kedir, Chief Administrator of the state, Dr Workneh Gebeyehu, Minister of Transport and other government officials.

Speaking at the event, Muktar said the government has attached due focus for projects which boost socio-economic integration and benefits of the people.

The airport is equipped with facilities that are essential for domestic flights. It accommodates light aircrafts.

The airport was built at a gravel level but plans are in the pipeline to upgrade it to asphalt level. A foundation stone will be laid for the construction of Nekemte Airport

Similarly, Muktar and Dr Workneh inaugurated the 188 km Mekenejo-Dmbidollo asphalt road built at a cost of 2 billion birr.


The road helps residents of the area to easily market agricultural products as well as it reduces transportation time and cost, it was noted  

The two officials will also inaugurate Nekemte-Bedele and Nekempte town’s alternate roads tomorrow.

Translated and posted by Amare Asrat