Ethiopia, Germany sign over €212 mln cooperation agreement

Addis Ababa, November 3, 2017 (FBC) -A summary record of the negotiations on development cooperation between the governments of Ethiopia and Germany has been signed today.

Admasu Nebebe, State Minister of Finance and Economic Cooperation and Dr. Stefan Oswald, Director for Sub Saharan Africa, Federal Ministry for Economic and Development signed the agreement on behalf of Ethiopia and Germany, respectively.

The summary record is used as a framework agreement which leads the development cooperation of the two countries for the coming three years (2017-2020).

According to the summary record, Ethiopia and Germany agreed to work together on three main focal areas which include agriculture, education and biodiversity.

Besides, the government of Germany will continue its support for the existing projects and programmes.

Germany has allocated a total of 212.6 million Euros for the implementation of the projects/programmes for the next three years.

Out of this, 126 million Euros will be allocated for the programmes covered by the development cooperation fund while the rest, 86.6 million Euros is allocated from special and additional funds.

During the signing ceremony, Admasu said Ethiopia has immensely benefited from its cooperation with Germany, both from its financial and technical support.

He also said the agreement helps the country to enhance higher education and the TVET sector which is critical to meet the country’s growing demand for skilled labor.

Admasu added agriculture sector remains the source of livelihood and employment for the majority of Ethiopians.

The agreement plays a great role to achieve sustainable development, reduction of rural poverty and enhancing food security. It also helps the nation’s effort on conservation and sustainable use of Ethiopia’s huge biodiversity resource.

The agreement also supports the vaccination programe through GAVI, upgrading the water supply in refugee camps and host communities, he added.

Source: MoFEC

Posted by Amare Asrat