Somali officials sharing experience from Ethiopia

Addis Ababa, November 7, 2017 (FBC) - High-level officials of the Somalian government and experts have started to share best practices from Ethiopia and Kenya on federalism and devolution in Addis Ababa.

High-level delegation of Somalia, which decided to have a federal system of governance, has been made visits to various countries to better understand the system and learn from best practices of countries so as to choose the suitable model for it.

The visit to Ethiopia is part of this national effort and the experience sharing workshop will benefit Somalia a lot, said Abdullahi Mohamoud, Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Internal and Federal Reconciliation.

“The federalism system in Somalia is still at its infancy stage. In our effort to understand better and consider most suitable federal model for our country, we have made visits to other countries such as Switzerland for its federalism experience and Kenya to learn from its devolution system,” he said.

 “We know we cannot make a haste decision on which type of federal model we will adopt for Somalia. Each and every country has their own unique situations and has adopted models that are suitable for their own context. We have come to Ethiopia in pursuance of such effort,” Mohamoud stated.

The Permanent Secretary, who is also leader of the delegation, told ENA that “We are here to get more experience about federalism especially from the Somali regional state of Ethiopia and devolution of the Kenya system”.

 “We are here to learn about fiscal federalism, how Ethiopia’s federalism is working and how they [Ethiopians] you know can share the resources of their country”, Mohamoud said.

 Somalia wanted to have a federal system of governance as a remedy to the challenges that persist following the civil war and an alternative solution to the unitary system that the country has witnessed previously, he added.

The workshop is aimed at supporting Somalia in its efforts to adopt a federal system and implement decentralization, said Tewolde Gebre-Meskel Peace and Security Director at IGAD.

 The event is fundamental for member state to share their experience on the   positive development and challenges of federalism, he said.

 When it comes to federal system of governance, he said “They [member states] always choose Ethiopia as an example because federalism has been worked for two decades so far”.

“It [Federalism] is the only a system that helps to avoid the marginalization, there is an accommodation of diversity, and this is all what federalism is basically.”

 Deputy Speaker of the House of Federation of Ethiopia Mohamed Rashid said that Ethiopia survived as a nation and realized sustainable development because of federalism.

“In an environment of deep and multiple diversities, peace and sustainable development can only be achieved with a mechanism that ensures equitable and fair sharing of power and resources, with economic opportunity availed for all without discrimination. What Ethiopia has done is exactly the same”, Mohamed said.

The delegation that consist representatives from the federal ministries of foreign affairs, constitutional affairs, and planning as well as ministries from the states of Puntland, Jubbaland, Southwest, Galmudug, and Hirshebelle, and Benadir regional administration will take part in the three-day workshop.

Source: ENA

Posted by Amare Asrat