Ethiopia, Cuba pledge to expand bilateral ties

Addis Ababa, January 10, 2018 (FBC) –Ethiopia’s President Mulatu Teshome and his Cuban counterpart Raul Castro yesterday pledged to boost the two countries' economic and trade ties and enhance bilateral cooperation.

Called the meeting "fraternal," a statement released by the Cuban government said spoke highly of bilateral political and cooperation relations and expressed the willingness to explore new ways to expand them.

"Castro and Mulatu also discussed national and international affairs of mutual interest," added the release published by the Cuban News Agency.

In a related development, President Mulatu yesterday laid wreath before the Pantheon of the Internationalists in the capital Colon Necropolis.

After laying the wreath, the President urged to defend the ties of friendship and collaboration between his country and Cuba.

He also recalled the Cuban soldiers who offered their lives for the independence of Ethiopia.

President Mulatu further evoked the courage and determination of the Cubans who fought against the system of racial segregation in South Africa and Namibia, known as apartheid.

Also, President highlighted the pacifist vocation of the historical leader of the Cuban Revolution, Fidel Castro, who always fought for equity and against social injustice.

The African dignitary called for strengthening investment and collaboration between the two nations, referring to the good state of bilateral exchange.

The sectors of health and agriculture are the fields of collaboration of greater development between both countries and in this respect new perspectives are also opened in areas of education and other non-traditional such as biotechnology.

The Ethiopian president on Tuesday kicked off his four-day Cuba trip, which includes visiting places of economic and historic interest, and meetings with local officials.

Source: Source: Xinhu/ Prensa Latina

Posted by Amare Asrat