Public urged to give time for Oromia state to implement directions set by OPDO Central Committee

Addis Ababa, February 14, 2018 (FBC) –The Oromia regional state should be given time to implement the directions set by the Central Committee of the Oromo People Democratic Organization (OPDO), the state’s communication affairs bureau said.

Umi Abajemal, deputy head of the bureau yesterday issued a press conference regarding the damages caused by blocking of roads and ceasing of commercial activities staged in some parts of the regional state.

The blocking of roads and ceasing of commercial activities held since Monday under the banner ‘Free remaining prisoners!” and demanding development benefits, have been turned into violence in some areas such as Batu, Legetafo, and Jimma, she said.

About eight people were injured as well as public and private properties were damaged as a result of the violence that occurred in these areas, according to the deputy head.

She further said a total of seven people, four in Amaresa camp and 3 in Bale zone, were killed because of the recent conflicts in the areas.

The government will take the necessary measures against those responsible for the conflict, she said, further urging the public to refrain from any destructive activities.

The deputy head also called on religious leaders, Aba Gedas, and elders to scale up the ongoing efforts to stabilize the areas and prevent the occurrence of additional damages.

The regional state expressed its heartfelt condolences for the loss of life caused by the conflict.

Translated and posted by Amare Asrat