South Sudan committed towards inclusivity: Amb Morgan

Addis Ababa, February 14, 2018 (FBC) - South Sudanese government expressed its commitment towards inclusivity by accommodating all opposition parties, South Sudanese Ambassador to Ethiopia, James P. Morgan said.

In an exclusive interview with ENA, Ambassador Morgan said South Sudanese delegation has come to the ongoing second phase of the revitalization process with the aim of ending the war.

“We are talking about inclusivity of all the opposition groups weather they are armed or unarmed and we feel that it is very important to include them all into the government in order to stop the war,” he pointed out.

The ambassador said that "we are here to bring a permanent cease fire and to silence the guns in South Sudan second to that we are also opening up expand the government in order for everybody to think so that nobody will feel that it is left out."

“What IGAD has been saying that there must be inclusivity in the government so that all this fighting should come to an end, because in the first place the fight is just power struggle so in order to stop it everybody must be part and parcel of this government that is going to be formed,” he pointed out.

According to the ambassador, the government has unwavering stance to have a room for all parties in the peace process.  

“There was nothing difficult especially for the side of the government because the government had been calling for peace all this time and whatever their positions come with the government feel like they have to be accommodated,” he stressed.

“At the end of the day it will be the people of South Sudan to choose,” he noted, and added “but to stabilize the country and silencing the guns they have to be accommodated for a period that will be agreed by all parties.”

According to him, in order to have a comprehensive, democratic, fair and transparent election in the country the whole country must be stable and the government has already accepted the idea of IGAD and other friends of South Sudan to stabilize the country first.

Once peace and stability restored there will be population census which will determine the number of constituencies to be created for all the political groups that are now fighting, he added.

The ambassador appreciated Ethiopia’s overriding role in restoring peace and stability.

“Ethiopia has to be involved because every country in this region is looking towards Ethiopia for example our case in South Sudan there has never been anything that South Sudan has done it without Ethiopia and that is very clear,” he noted.

It is to be recalled that South Sudanese parties are holding the 10 day meeting of the Second Phase of the Revitalization Forum on substantive issues of the Agreement of the Resolution of the Conflict on South Sudan (ARCSS) since February 5, 2018.

Recalling that some of the parties that are taking part in the second phase had walked out on February 12, 2018, accusing the government violating the cease fire, he said

“They have returned back because the mediators said that if there is any violation this is not the right place to address and it should be addressed by the Ceasefire and Transitional Security Arrangements Monitoring Mechanism (CTSAMM).”

Lack of political will from the conflicting parties has deteriorated the country’s situation and 1.2 million people displaced, of which 85 percent are women and children.

It is more than high time for all the parties to adhere to the peace process and address their fellow South Sudanese queries.

Posted by Amare Asrat