Premier to meet with representatives drawn from across nation

Addis Ababa, April 14, 2018 (FBC) –Prime Minister Dr Abiy Ahmed will hold discussion with representatives of the community drawn from all parts of the country in Addis Ababa tomorrow.

In a press conference issued today, Dr Negeri Lencho, Government Communication Affairs Office Minister, said about 25,000 people are expected to take part at the meeting to be held at the Millennium Hall.

Officials from federal and regional governments, women, youth, religious leaders, heads of institutions of higher education, scholars, elites, representatives of the diplomatic community and artists will attend the event, he said.

According to Dr Negeri, the discussion is aimed at working closely with the public to build peace and democracy, ensure good governance, and expedite development.

Prime Minister Dr Abiy Ahmed has so far held discussions with residents of Jigjiga, Ambo and Mekelle cities as well as with competing political parties. The discussions were mainly focused on strengthening unity of the people.

Dr Abiy was sworn in as Prime Minister of Ethiopia on April 2, 2018.

Translated and posted by Amare Asrat