Outsourcing internet services not a shift in policy, says Ethio-telecom

Addis Ababa, May 22, 2018 (FBC) –Ethio-telecom, an integrated telecommunications services provider in Ethiopia, said outsourcing internet services for private companies is not a shift in policy.

Eight companies have concluded deals with Ethio-telecom to buy internet package and supply it to clients.

Dr Andualem Admasie, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the services provider, told FBC today that his company doesn’t take the move to outsource internet service as a change in policy.

2G2 IT Solution S.C recently said it is ready to provide internet service after concluding agreements with Etio-telecom.

The Company has also secured license from the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology (MoCIT).

Following 2G2’s announcement, people questioned where the Ethio-telecom sector is heading.

When asked to comment on this, Dr Andualem said outsourcing the service for private companies will add values to the telecom sector.

The CEO said his company planned to outsource the service dubbed “Virtual Internet Service Provider (VISP)” four years ago.

Regarding the tariff, Dr Andualem said there will be no change in the tariffs that the Ethio-telcom charges as the companies buy internet packages with low prices.

According to him, the move would rather encourage competitiveness among the companies.