EPRDF’s decision improves Ethio-Eritrea relations, says Premier

Addis Ababa, June 6, 2018 (FBC) – The decision taken by Executive Committee of EPRDF regarding Ethio-Eritrea’s current affairs would improve relations between the two countries, said Prime Minister Dr Abiy Ahmed.

The Premier made the remark while briefing participants of the 4th National Anti-corruption Coalition Conference today on the decisions taken by the Committee at the end of its regular session on Tuesday.

The Executive Committee yesterday agreed to accept and implement the Algiers Agreement and decisions of the Ethio-Eritrea Boundary Commission to end the feud between the two countries that lasted for about 20 years.

“The decision could improve the relations between the two countries,” PM Dr Abiy said.

According to him, soldiers deployed at the area following the dispute over the past years had experienced psychological effects.

“Now, we should end this suffering and fully return to peace,” he said.

The Premier further said the State of Emergency was lifted following the peace stabilizations works carried out over the past two months.

The prevailing peace is necessary not only for Ethiopia but also for the region, PM Dr Abiy indicated.

Ethiopia has the responsibility to maintain peace in the region and Africa, he said, adding “we should unite the two brotherly people by strengthening the ties between Ethiopia and Eritrea.”

All people should understand that Ethiopia has the responsibility to take this first step, he added.

Ethiopia and Eritrea gained nothing from their strained past relations, he said, adding “we should ensure Ethiopia’s renaissance by diverting our attention towards peace and distancing ourselves from things that divide our mind.”

The Premier finally called on Ethiopians to lift themselves out of minor hatred and conflict and stand united to fight poverty as well as bring peace and development.