PM calls on public to remain vigilant against elements striving to incite conflicts

Addis Ababa, July 3, 2018 (FBC) - Prime Minister Dr Abiy Ahmed called on the public to remain vigilant against elements that are striving to incite conflicts in emerging regional states.

In a press briefing he held here today, the PM thanked the public for the mass rally they have been conducting in various parts of the country to support the reforms underway.

He urged the public to foil plots designed to create conflict among emerging states by being vigilant.

Thanking the people for the huge rallies of support, he also asked the public to scale down the mass rallies and focus on the implementation of the development programs with their full energy.

He also thanked the various groups which played positive role in restoring peace at different parts of the country where conflicts arose.

The Premier in particular thanked the youth in Gurage zone of SNNP regional state for the effective reconciliation measures they implemented within a short period.

The Prime Minister further acknowledged the effort of the Sidama elderly in bringing peace to the zone.

Millions have been converging at rallies of support for the reform measures taken by the Prime Minister in less than three months from the day of his appointment.

Source: ENA