Gov’t urged to give timely response to demand-driven questions to strengthen federal system

Addis Ababa, May 26, 2017 (FBC) –Scholars have stressed the need to strengthen the prevailing Ethiopia’s federal system through a timely response to current and demand-driven questions.

The remark came here at a conference organized jointly by Fana Broadcasting Corporate (FBC) and Ethiopian Broadcasting Corporation (EBC)

The event, which saw presentation of various research papers by scholars, focused on the federal system and ensuring equal and fair benefit of the people from the system.

The papers presented at the Hilton hotel event mainly assessed the federal system’s capacity in accommodating diversity as well as the political and economic relations existed between the federal and regional states.

In his research paper under the topic “Federal System, Diversity and Development in Ethiopia,” Dr Assefa Fiseha, blamed the system of class rule, which was derived from Europe previously and praised the existing federal system.

The federal system put in place in the country was able to respond to the demand of the people, pull out the country from problems, created fertile ground for the expansion of educational facilities, allowed nations and nationalities to have representatives at administrative levels and granted them the rights to self administration, he said.

However, the regulation which the federal system endorses in connection with land breaches the rights of regional states, he said.

According to Dr Assefa, power sharing, ensuring representation of political parties based on the votes they obtained, working for regional peace, avoiding breaching rights of regional state regarding land, giving respect for people regardless of their identity, fighting against corruption and build strong democratic institutions are some of means to strength the federal system

Haileyesus Tayou, Assistant Professor of Federalism at the Meles Zenawi Leadership Academy, in his research paper dealt with the relation between the federal system and the government, recommended the necessity of a policy or legal framework to ensure the sustainability and stability of the federal system.

A legal framework helps to successfully implement policies, resolve differences, cooperate and give swift response for problems that occur regularly, he said.

Translated and posted by Amare Asrat