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Ethiopia continues to enhance participation in UN peacekeeping missions: Maj.-Gen Adamneh

Addis Ababa, January 25, 2023 (FBC) – Efficacious maneuvers are expected to be undertaken in order for Ethiopia to be able to persist its long-standing engagement in the United Nations peacekeeping missions, said Major General Adamneh Mengste, Commander of the Peacekeeping Center of the Ethiopian National Defense Forces.

In the 6-month work performance review held at the Center, the Commander said that Ethiopia should enhance its ascendancy in order to protract its participation in international peacekeeping missions.

He commended the example of the cost-saving measures taken by the Hurso Contingent Training School in renovating and returning government properties to work.

The commander stated that the peacekeeping force engaged in the international peacekeeping mission should continue the effective peacekeeping operations and transform the reputation of Ethiopia to a higher level, as per the FDRE Ministry of Defense Forces.

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