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Addis Weg explores livelihood of pastoralists, policy implementation

Addis Ababa, January 14, 2021 (FBC) -Addis Weg Round Table discussion on the development journey of highland and pastoralist communities was held today at the Prime Minister’s Office in the presence of various stakeholders.

The discussion explored the existing livelihood of pastoralists, the benefits and challenges of the policies implemented over the years, and the ongoing efforts to ensure sustainable development and benefit the community.

Moderated by Blen Negussie, Real and Enabler Sectors Desk Coordinator at the Prime Minister’s Office, the panel included State Minister for Crop Development, Dr. Mandefro Nigussie, consultant on agricultural economy Honey Hassen and expert on irrigation and basin development Abdurahman Eid Tahir.

Honey explained that pastoralists located in different areas have differing living conditions, structures and interests, and hence development plans and policies should consider these existing conditions.

Citing the challenges and positive aspects of pastoralist policies over the past decade, Abdurahman recalled that the resettlement of pastoralists which was believed to simplify administration and to reduce security concerns, has not benefited the pastoralists.

The development activities that can be considered positive are the attempts to improve the literacy of the pastoralist community and to enable the production of fodder for consumption within Ethiopia and neighbouring countries.

Dr. Mandefro stated it is crucial to implement sustainable development options in a way that preserves the pastoral lifestyle of the communities and takes climate change into account.

Cotton and wheat crops, for example, have been successfully harvested three times a year in pastoral areas. Panelists addressed questions and comments from participants before the session was concluded.

Source: PM Office

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