Amb Deriba expresses concern over EU’s unchanging statements

Addis Ababa, February 25, 2021 (FBC) – Ethiopian Ambassador  to Sweden Deriba Kuma held a virtual meeting with Swedish Member of European Parliament, Tomas Tobé, who is also Chair of Development Committee at the Parliament.

Ambassador Deriba briefed the MEP on national and regional issues of common concern to both Ethiopia and EU.

He particularly explained in detail the progress of humanitarian assistance in Tigray region in which he underscored that so far 3.1 million beneficiaries have been reached through close cooperation with partners including 29 international NGOs currently operating on the ground.

Ambassador Deriba also expressed his concern regarding the unchanging statements made by EU as they are overrated and also failed to capture the massive efforts being exerted by the government.

He accordingly stressed the need for EU to take account of the real situations on the ground and continue its support in line with the strategic partnership that exists between Ethiopia and EU.

In connection with the border issue between Ethiopia and Sudan, the Ambassador stressed Ethiopia’s commitment to peaceful resolution, however, it demands status quo ante to be respected.

Tomas Tobé on his part emphasized the need for strengthened humanitarian access in Tigray and alleged violations to be investigated.

He further stated that EU and Ethiopia need to figure out ways to continue their cooperation on other spheres of cooperation as well, mainly on economic development, the sector in which he said Ethiopia has impressive track record.

Both Tobé and Ambassador Deriba agreed on the importance of continued engagement between the EU and Ethiopia so as to create a better common understanding.

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