Arba-Minch City launches 200 million birr worth corridor dev’t

Addis Ababa, June 19, 2024 (FBC) – Arba-Minch city, which borders two of Ethiopia’s largest Rift Valley lakes, has launched over 200-million Birr Corridor Development aimed at making it clean, beautiful, livable, and attractive to tourists.

Arba-Minch Municipality Manager, Gedamu Shambel stated that activities are underway to make the city clean, beautiful, and livable to its residents as well as attractive to tourists.

The city manager revealed that the ongoing Corridor Development will enable Arba-Minch city to promote its natural resources, cultural and historical tourist attractions.

According to him, the project is being carried out by involving the public.

Gedamu further stated that Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s initiative has been unveiled to construct modern and clean cities with a strong emphasis on community involvement.

The development activities include 15 kilometers of roadside terrazzo paving, 4 kilometers of park development, and cleaning of roads and drainage canals, the manager added.

When the ongoing works are completed, Arba-Minch city will be more attractive to tourism and investment.

He elaborated that the 10-year master plan of the city emphasizes the development of 30 percent for housing, 30 percent for industry, and 40 percent for green area, ENA reported.

The Government of Ethiopia initially introduced the Corridor Development project in Addis Ababa with the view of uplifting the image of the city by meeting international smart city standards.

In the capital Addis Ababa, the  scope of work encompasses revitalizing slum areas of the city, enhancing living conditions for residents, fulfilling infrastructure such as integrated drainage systems and utility infrastructure, expanding roads to accommodate rising traffic, creating spacious pedestrian walkways, restoring heritage sites, and upgrading buildings to align with the city’s esthetic standards.

Recall that Bahir Dar city also launched a 22km corridor development project on June 18, 2024.

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