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Reform Implementation Has Made Defense Institutions Become Research, Innovation Center, Says Field Marshall Birhanu Jula

Addis Ababa, May 18, 2024 (FBC) – Reforms launched over the last years have made Defense institutions to become research and innovation centre, Chief of Staff of the Defense Force, Field Marshall Birhanu Jula said.

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed and senior military officers have visited the remarkable work done by the Defense Engineering Industry Corporation to produce various weapons, rockets, and tanks using reverse engineering.

Speaking at the occasion, Field Marshall Birhanu Jula said the work of building armor capabilities of defense forces continue to be strengthened based on research.

Field Marshall Birhanu added that the defense industry and defense logistics maintenance center have been made to carry out their duties based on the strategic needs of defense forces.

In particular, he mentioned that the defense institutions are carrying out their work according to the direction set to improve the weapons needed for the army.

He added that the institution is not only profitable now, but it is also engaged on innovative works.

The country cannot continue buying everything from abroad, he stated, adding that they started working out of the conviction that it is possible to reach the level where it can export using the local capacity.

Defense Minister Abreham Belay on his part recalled that the challenges faced by Ethiopia in recent years have created an opportunity to enhance the country’s internal capabilities.

Ethiopia has built a strong national defense forces, he said, adding that this has strengthened the country’s defense capabilities through reforms carried out at the National Defesne Forces.

The challenges Ethiopia faced in the past few years have made the country to have drawn lessons the minister said, adding in particular, the challenges have opened new avenues to increase our capabilities.

He said that in order to protect the security of the country, we are not only buying weapons from abroad, but using our own capabilities to improve and repair the old weapons, as called by ENA.

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