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Closure of Abala road by TPLF militants hinders transportation of 43-truck of WFP food aid to Tigray

Addis Ababa, March 29, 2022 (FBC) – Government Communication Services (GCS), in a statement, disclosed that closure of Abala road in Afar by TPLF militants has hindered transportation of food aid by WFP to people in need in Tigray.

It is to be recalled that the Ethiopian government has declared a truce for the humanitarian needs of the people in the Tigray region. Since the decision, the Ethiopian government has taken a variety of actions.

Allowing a full week of air transportation to several international humanitarian organizations was one of the initiatives. Accordingly, pharmaceuticals, medical equipment, money, and nutritional supplements began to be transported by air as much as possible, the statement said.

“In addition, the government has also permitted other humanitarian aid to be transported by air. In this regard, the government has taken immediate action, unless there is a lack of capacity or a delay in the operation of the charities.”

To expand access to humanitarian assistance, the World Food Program (WFP) has been allowed to transport 43 trucks of food aid to people in need in the Tigray region via Abella Road. Of this, 20 trucks are stationed in Semera town of Afar region carrying humanitarian aid.

The Ethiopian government has been using all available means to rescue its citizens in the Tigray region but has not been able to secure the cooperation of the other party. The 43-truck food aid authorized to the World Food Program (WFP) had not been transported to the Tigray region due to the closure of Abala Road by TPLF militants.

The Government of Ethiopia reaffirms its commitment to work closely with stakeholders to ensure the full delivery of humanitarian assistance to those in need. Thus, the government of Ethiopia urges Tigray militants to refrain from citing various reasons and to disseminate misleading information and do their part to facilitate the supply of aid.

In addition, the government calls on the international community to put pressure on the Tigray militants to withdraw from the Afar and Amhara districts, where they are being held hostage, and to comply with their commitments to ceasefire, GCS noted.

The Ethiopian government hopes that all stakeholders in the Tigray region will work together to facilitate the delivery of aid and ensure a stable life for all, GCS underscored.


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