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Council of Ministers approves mass media policy draft bill

Addis Ababa, August 22, 2020 (FBC) – Council of Ministers, on its 88th regular session held virtually, discussed issues related to approval of mass media policy and amendment of excise tax proclamation and passed decisions accordingly.

The council has approved the mass media policy draft bill aims to enable Broadcast Authority control and monitor the sector in a more proper manner.

The approval of the mass media policy draft bill is crucial to manage mass media in line with objective realities related to social, economic and political activities in the country and help address the public with reliable and quality information.

Council decided to make the draft bill effective incorporating recommendations forwarded by its cabinet members.

To foster Human and political rights in line with culture values and interests

The broadcast policy is also said critical to address challenges related to lack technological resources in the sector and promote human and democratic rights of citizens.

The council further discussed amendment of excise tax proclamation no. 11/86/2020 and decided to replaces its article 43(1) and referred it to House of Peoples Representatives.

The amendment permits individuals engaged in production and import of excise products and related services to continue business without registration till March 9, 2021.




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