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Court files charges against Dejene Taffa, Mestewarid Temam, Jawar’s Employee

Addis Ababa, September 2, 2020 (FBC) – Federal Supreme Court has filed charges against Dejene Taffa, former leader of Oromo Federalist Congress (OFC), Mestewarid Temam and Misha Adem, a computer professional hired by Jawar Mohammed.

The court rules the charges separately in to two parts; the first defendants are Dejene Taffa and the second one is Misha Adem, accordingly.

The charge filed by the prosecutor indicates that the first defendants have breached Ethiopian Criminal Code 238/2 in allegedly involving in the major crime along with their accomplices, trying to dismantle constitutional order, and claiming transitional government unconstitutionally.

They are also charged with crimes related to an intention to topple various monuments in the country including Statue of Emperor Minilik the second, and instigating an organized youth group named ‘Qeerroo’ to set fire to homes of other ethnic groups in Oromia region.

The second defendant, Misha Adem is charged with a crime connected to grabbing of the body of the late prominent singer Hachalu Hundenssa and a related attempt to place the body at the premises of the Oromo Cultural Center encroaching the railing of the institution.

Misha Adem has also been charged with telecom fraud.

Although the defendants requested the court to respect their right to bail, the prosecutor at the Federal Supreme Court First Anti Terrorism Affairs Trial argued that they do not deserve a bail for the case is related to punishment for more than fifteen years.

The court adjourned the trial for tomorrow to judge on the case related to the bail requested by the defendants.



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