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Ethiopia calls for support to ensure equity and quality health services in developing countries

Addis Ababa, May 30, 2024 (FBC) – At the 77th World Health Assembly in Geneva, Switzerland, the Health Minister of Ethiopia, Dr. Mekdese Daba made a remark calling for increased support for the efforts to ensure equitable and quality health services in developing countries.

Addressing the assembly, the Health Minister Dr. Mekdes pointed out that Ethiopia firmly believes that health services are fundamental human rights for citizens.

Dr. Mekdes stressed that access to international health services should not leave anyone behind and that quality health services should be provided to everyone without any discrimination or boundaries.

She also indicated that Ethiopia has registered remarkable results in its family-centered health operations particularly in the health extension program in terms of creating awareness and providing basic health services to citizens in rural and remote areas.

In particular, she explained that there was a significant achievement in improving maternal and child health and reducing their mortality rate, preventing and controlling infectious diseases including COVID 19.

“But we still need to do a lot to build a resilient health system that would help enhance nation’s capacity for immediate response to threats,” the Health Minister stressed.

Dr. Mekdes mentioned the challenges in providing equitable and quality health services to citizens in developing countries, including Ethiopia, due to insufficient resources and related reasons.

She, therefore, called on international partners and stakeholders including the World Health Organization to support the efforts to ensure equitable and quality services in the countries.

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