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Ethiopia devises new modes of transport including cable car, pipeline transportation: Transport Minister

Addis Ababa, February 1, 2021 (FBC) – In an exclusive interview with Policy Matters, Prime Minister Office based platform, Minister of Ministry of Transport, Dagmawit Moges said the ever-first transport policy of Ethiopia comes up with new ideas and with new different modes of transport including cable car and pipeline transportation.

One of the priorities that the Ministry has been giving is working on the policy aspects, Dagmawit noted.

“And the first big step that we call is the ratification of the national transport policy, which is the first policy of our country. And this new policy comes up with new ideas and with new different modes of transport like that of the cable car, the pipeline transport.”, the Minister said.

The new transport policy provide a clear guidelines on how the country going to enhance the existing transport system including the inland water transport system, which the nation aspires to enhance its implementation in our 10 year perspective plan.

Dagmawit stated that the country has also the logistics strategy which has been ratified during the past two years, and the strategy has six major pillars and eight areas of interventions intended to to transform the logistics sector.

The Minister also added that the country has ratified non-motorized transport strategy amid the Coronavirus pandemic, the major breakthrough which clearly gives priority for the pedestrian and for the people at larege.

“Ethiopia is planned to become a logistics hub, not only for the hundred million people that it has, but also for the neighboring countries that are also landlocked. We can take the example of South Sudan. We can take the example of Chad, even to the extent of Congo DRC if we have a logistics system which is more efficient. We can be a hub for the neighboring African countries as well,”, Dagmawit underlined.

Dagmawit underscored that during the past three years, the country has managed to formulate different kinds of organizations with the private sector and the Ethiopian Diaspora living around the world and with different supporters from international community.

Ethiopia has an International Transport Advisory Team which is an International Advisory Team composed of Diasporas living abroad, working in different international organizations with different knowledge and expertise, she added.


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