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Ethiopia generates over 15,400GWh of electric power during last fiscal year

Addis Ababa, July 18, 2022 (FBC) – The Ethiopian Electric Power has announced that it was able to generate more than 15,400 GWh of energy in the already concluded Ethiopian fiscal year.

The performance has shown a decrease by 300GWh compared to the same period of the last fiscal year. Accordingly, the institution achieved 86 percent of its plan set to produce over 17,000 GWh power.

Out of the total energy generated, 14,900 GWh has been produces out of hydroelectric facilities while the remaining are from wind and geothermal plants, according to EEP.

Currently, the country has 19 active power production stations. Repi Solid Waste to Energy Plant is the unique power plant serving as supplementary to the national green energy generation endeavors.

Out of the total 19 functional power production facilities, Gilgel Gibe III, Melke Wakena, Fincha, Tis Abay II, Awash II and III and Adama II have produced energy that surpassed the plan they put so far.

The nation planned to produce over 17,000GWh of electric power during the concluded fiscal year although some bottlenecks related to damages to facilities because of security issues in some parts of the country prevented the sector from producing the desired amount of energy.


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