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Ethiopia inaugurates Digital Health Innovation Lab to transform health sector

Addis Ababa, August 6, 2020 (FBC) – Ethiopia has today inaugurated the first ever Digital Health Innovation and Research Lab at Saint Peter Specialized Hospital in the presence of high ranking government officials including the Health Minister, Dr. Liya Tadesse and Innovation and Technology Minister, Dr. Abrham Belay.

On the inaugural ceremony, Dr. Lia Tadesse stressed the paramount significance of Digital Health Innovation Center to collect and analyze health related information and pass accurate decision in clinical matters.

Dr. Lia said the Ministry of Health is working to enhance information gathering and analysis competence in the health sector through cost effective information communication technologies.

The Health Innovation Lab built by Saint Peter Specialized Hospital has a pivotal role to transform the health system through proper plan execution in the sector, the Health Minister Dr. Lia underlined.

The lab creates an opportunity to promote patient-centered healthcare software development activities facilitate practical trainings for professionals engaged in area, she stated.

It is also vital to develop competencies in health innovations and electronic solutions and empower young Ethiopians to drive digital solutions across the sector, according to the Minister.

Dr. Lia said the Ministry is investing in cost effective digital information solutions to further strengthen the country’s health system and improve the quality of services.

Manager of Saint Peter Specialized hospital, Tamru Assefa, to his part, said the hospital is working to better enhance its services through computerized information administration there by better serve patients and the community at large.

The center which is built jointly by Ministry of Health Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is said crucial to serve as center of excellence to ensure modern clinical data management in the country.


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