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Ethiopia reaffirms commitment to global peace

Ethiopia has reaffirmed its commitment to work and cooperate with the international community to sustain peace and security across the world based on mutual trust.

Yesterday, representatives of the Ministries of Defense and Foreign Affairs briefed Military Attachés based in Addis Ababa on current issues. During the discussion, Representative of the Ethiopian National Defense Forces (ENDF) Chief of Staff and Head of the Mechanized Coordination Department Lt. Gen. Alemshet Degefe said coordination and solidarity of the international community is more important than ever in the globalized world.

“We all are preparing our forces for war not hating peace, but to ensure its sustainability.” He urged all to work together to ensure peace and security in every corner of the world. He reaffirmed Ethiopia’s commitment to work with the international community on peace and security issues based on trust.

As to him, Ethiopians have repeatedly shown standing together for their dignity and sovereignty of the country when foreign aggressors invade the country even if they face internal problems. It needs to be clear that if peace is not guaranteed across the globe, developmental activities will be under question mark. He stated that despite the differences, Ethiopia is committed to continue working with all members of the diplomatic community based on mutual trust.

Foreign Affairs Ministry Public Diplomacy Director-General Ambassador Dina Mufti said on his part that the government has been providing unlimited humanitarian assistance to the Tigray State. Now, a large number of humanitarian aid trucks or convoys are delivering humanitarian aid every week, according to EPA.

Moreover, the international community should understand the Amhara and Afar people’s need for humanitarian support in addition to Tigray. He urged international organizations to act in accordance with Ethiopian law. The government will give priority to peaceful options. To ensure accountability for crimes committed during the conflict, the Ministerial joint committee has established for an investigation, Dina elaborated.


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