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Ethiopian Air Force invigorating its potency to guard regional peace: Chief

Addis Ababa, March 18, 2023 (FBC) – The Ethiopian Air Force is currently invigorating itself to further upsurge its efficaciousness as well as to guard local and regional peace, said Lieutenant General Yilma Merdasa, the Commander-in-Chief of the Ethiopian Air Force.

A group of military attachés from different countries, led by Brigadier General Muyusorda Natigia, Secretary General of the Association of Military Attaches of different Countries based in Ethiopia, visited the Ethiopian Air Force.

Lt. Gen. Yilma Merdasa, in his remarks during the visit, said that the Ethiopian Air Force is one of the earliest aviation institutions in the continent in its history of deploying aviation technology.

The Ethiopian Air Force is also exemplar in peacekeeping missions, he recalled.

The Air Force Chief mentioned that the visit of the military attachés is vital for the Ethiopian Air Force, which is known for cooperating with other countries across the world through aviation technology.

Lt. Gen. Yilma further noted that the Ethiopian Air Force is ready to strengthen its partnership with the military attachés and experts of each country on the basis of mutual benefit.

On his part, Brigadier General Muyusorda Natigia said that the Ethiopian Air Force is on a “remarkable journey” of change in its structural organization, upskilling of manpower, and acquisition of modern aviation weapons.

Colonel Marco Podi, the Italian military attaché in Ethiopia and Colonel Jean-Marc Ozan, the French military attaché, stated that they have strong ties with Ethiopia in military and other fields.

They added that their visit will enable to transfer experience and expertise between the countries, especially in the field of aviation technology.

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