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Ethiopian National Dialogue set to start in June

Addis Ababa, March 25, 2023 (FBC) – The Ethiopian National Dialogue Commission (ENDC) said it has been working tirelessly to commence the National Dialogue, which is believed to bring lasting solutions to the longstanding problems, in June 2023.

Speaking to EPA, ENDC Chief Commissioner Professor Mesfin Araya stated that extensive activities are underway to hold inclusive, participatory and transparent National Dialogue after four months. The first step in the process of National Dialogue is reaching consensus on agendas to be discussed.

After reaching consensus on the agendas, national reconciliation, compensation, justice, and other important issues come next which are important steps to conduct a successful National Dialogue as well as bring about sustainable peace.

Mesfin said: “The ultimate goal of the dialogue is to build national consensus and bolster a culture of trust as stated in the legislation. We are also aimed to ease the difference and misunderstanding between various sectors of the society and will begin the deliberation in June, 2023.”

Complying with its obligation to make the dialogue process inclusive and participatory, the commission is partnering with relevant institutions. Also activities are underway to identify the root causes of contentious issues that may lead to conflict and crises.

The commission is tasked to mend historical discords, which have challenged Ethiopia’s existence, in a public dialogue and bring national consensus and sustain the country’s integrity. The successful conduct of the National Dialogue will help to realize the new Ethiopia and enhance government’s legitimacy, The chief commissioner also emphasized the homegrown conflict resolution mechanism’s role in supporting the commission.

“We are operating independently without any interference from the government or any other interest group.” The ENDC was established with the objective of bringing sustainable solutions to age-old problems and mending historical inharmoniousness that are testing the country for the past many years.

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