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Health Ministry recommends holding elections observing precautionary measures

Addis Ababa, September 18, 2020 (FBC) – Ministry of Health has suggested recommendation for the house of peoples representative that the country can hold the postponed national elections if necessary preconditions are completed ahead of the poll.

The House of Peoples Representatives is holding its 5th Year 3rd emergency session.

Minister of Health, Dr. Lia Tadesse has tabled recommendations to the house regarding coronavirus responses and future scenarios to curtain the pandemic in line with the possibilities to hold the poll postponed amid the pandemic.

The Health Minister said the nation has built preventive capacities in mitigating circumstances despite the continuation of the spread of the virus.

Nation’s testing capacity has increased as the ministry managed to conduct over 1,165,647 laboratory tests out of which it detected 66,224 cases and confirmed 1,045 deaths, the Minister reported.

According to the Minister, the Ministry can establish 10,500 emergency responses and surveillance teams across the nation.

She said the country can reduce the rate of the spread of the virus by 92 pct if social distancing guidelines and mask wearing precaution are observed by 5 pct and 50 respectively.

Ethiopia has benchmarked best preventive practices from various world countries and implemented them accordingly, Dr. Lia said, adding “nation can hold the postponed elections for the people are well implementing precautionary mechanisms and developing protective awareness.”

Preparedness made in health institutions, ample supply of locally produced sanitizers and preventive supplies and commencement of production of diagnostic kits locally are other advantageous conditions to hold the postponed elections this year adhering to preventive measures, Dr. Lia explained.

Dr. Lia also recommended possibilities related to reopening of schools observing precautionary measures put in place by the World Health Organization.

She suggested that preparations at schools shall undergo an assessment by a special committee before the leaning teaching process is started.

The house thoroughly discussed the recommendation points forwarded by the Ministry of Health and referred them to Women, Children, Youth and Social Affairs and Legal, Justice and Democratic Affairs Standing Committees for further scrutiny.


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