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Strengthening Inter-governmental Relations crucial: HoF Speaker

Addis Ababa, June 19, 2023 (FBC) – Speaker of the House of Federation, Agegnehu Teshager said that strengthening the inter-governmental relations between the federal and regional governments is crucial to promote genuine federalism in Ethiopia.

A consultation forum between the House of Federation and joint regional councils was held today which intends to strengthen the inter-governmental relations.

The forum brought together senior government officials, regional chief administrators, speakers of regional councils and scholars on federalism.

In his keynote address to the consultation forum, Agegnehu said the inter-governmental relations would be instrumental to facilitate in carrying out multi-sectoral development and good governance activities, it was indicated.

The speaker went on referring to article 50 of the Ethiopian Constitution stipulating that the Federal Government and the regional governments subscribe to the federal and democratic system.

Whereas, the individual and collective powers and responsibilities of both the federal and regional governments have been duly identified and set out in the constitution by virtue of the federal system, he pointed out.

To this end, a draft proclamation has been prepared on inter-governmental relations that would help to integrate and combine the capabilities of all bodies at each and every level as required, Agegnehu said.

He added rather than expending solitary efforts, inter-governmental relations would be viable to bring about sustainable peace, ensure reliable democracy, and continue the rapid social and economic development.

Moreover, strengthening the inter-governmental relations is pivotal to build multi-national federalism and one political and economic community, he said.

“Therefore, strengthening the inter-governmental relations between the federal and state governments and the states themselves is not an issue that cannot be disregarded in our country,” the speaker underlined.

Agegnehu also stressed the need for considering the inter-governmental relations as an important tool to establish a better federalism system that requires constant consultation to strengthen the common agendas that are needed for the system.

He further explained that the federal and regional governments should further consolidate their relationship.

For the past 30 years, Ethiopia has a federal system of government, which holds together more than 76 ethnolinguistic groups, it was indicated.

The current federal arrangement, divergent views aside, the House of Federation believes that much of the problems related to the system have to do with its implementation and could be partly addressed through interventions based on scientific research and capacity-building training provided for all stakeholders involved in the process implementing the federal project, it was learnt.

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