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Ireland urged to refrain from further hostility against Ethiopia

Addis Ababa, October 13, 2022 (FBC) – Ethiopia enjoyed historic and cordial relations with Ireland. But, the Government announced that Ireland has continued peddling acrimonious encounters with the Republic of Ireland.

It is to be recalled that the TPLF panicked when the dawn of democracy came to Ethiopia in 2018. Since then it has held hostage Ethiopians in the Tigray region. 

It has mobilized a fighting force, including conscripting children in its armed units. As you would know, the TPLF then attacked the Ethiopian northern command on 3 November 2020 with exceptional barbarity. It thus triggered the conflict. 

It responded to all Federal Government measures of confidence building with yet another attack. Now, the Government of Ethiopia has accepted the African Union’s invitation to participate in the peace talks. 

Ethiopia is committed to peacefully resolving the conflict. It is also committed to investigating allegations of violations of human rights and humanitarian law during the conflict and ensuring accountability, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs stated. 

Ethiopia has devised a comprehensive transitional justice plan for discussion with stakeholders. 

Ethiopia is also committed to recording the truth and starting a process of healing and reconciliation. The National Dialogue Commission has started the inclusive national dialogue process. 

Ethiopia takes these measures to lay strong foundations for the future of our country and to prevent conflicts in the future.

“Ireland could have supported these forward-looking measures and political and economic reforms in Ethiopia. Instead, Ireland has continued attacking Ethiopia using its membership in the UN Security Council, the European Union, and elsewhere.” 

“Ethiopia’s plea to Ireland to reduce hostility and attacks against its sovereignty and territorial integrity has not been heeded. To our utter surprise, EU groups visiting Ethiopia privately advise us that we need to mend fences with Ireland if we desire to normalize relations with the European Union.”

“We agree we need to restore our historical ties with Ireland. It is a worthy goal on its own.  We did not know Ireland could also stand in the way of Ethiopia’s efforts to normalize relations with the EU. Ireland just needed to stop its hostile acts against Ethiopia,” Ministry of Foreign Affairs underscored.

Ethiopia has also devised a re-engagement strategy to help us take a fresh perspective with all critics and partners alike. Thus far, it has not worked in reducing tension with Ireland. 

“As you may recall the meetings with your good self on the margins of the UNGA don’t seem to have produced a better result. On the contrary, Ireland appears to be intent on emboldening the TPLF and calling for coercive actions against Ethiopia using its membership in the UNSC. The Ministry, therefore, appeals to the Government of Ireland to refrain from further hostility against Ethiopia.”

“We can constructively engage in state-to-state relations as per international law. As a measure of last resort, we can find an opportunity to deliberate whether there is a mutual will to pursue our diplomatic ties,” the Ministry said.

“The Ministry of Foreign Affairs waits for Ireland’s response, based on which the Government can conclude whether the countries have reason enough to continue what is left of their relations based on the principles of mutual respect and sovereign equality of nations.”


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