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IWPG holds award ceremony of 5th Int’l Loving Peace Art Competition

Addis Ababa, November 19, 2023 (FBC) – The International Women’s Peace Group (IWPG) organized the final award ceremony of the 5th International Loving Peace Art Competition.

This competition is part of IWPG’s initiative to spread a culture of peace around the world by planting the mindset of peace in the hearts of children and youth so that everyone can come together to realize world peace and cessation of war.

This year, 10,255 children from 117 cities in 61 countries participated. Compared to last year, 9 new countries joined this year’s competition.

IWPG collaborated with national arts/artist associations to evaluate the drawings and finally selected 43 pieces including 1 Grand Prize; 1 Gold Prize, 1 Silver Prize, and 1 Bronze Prize for each of the 3 divisions (9 in total), 5 Awards of Recognition for each division (15 in total), and Participation Awards.

The Head Judge of the finals, Kani Alavi, President of East Side Gallery, said, “Through this international convention, we must spread the news of peace to people around the world. I believe that if this peaceful cooperation continues, the time for peace will finally come.”

Kanoknuch Klahan (Thailand, Sripruetta School, High School division), who had the honor of winning the Grand Prize, said, “With this picture, I want to communicate the unity of the people of each country in the world. May everyone on this planet help to make peace grow.”

The Gold Prize went to Jennifer Sharon (Indonesia, Elementary division), Yu Jeong Jun (Republic of Korea, Middle School division), and Clarissa Yoselin (Indonesia, High School division).

The Silver Prize went to Jinx Liaqat (Pakistan, Elementary division), Natalia Jay Xin Hu (Malaysia, Middle School division), and Hussam Salah (Palestine, High School division). The Bronze Prize was awarded to Mikaela Allyna Sukma Saputro (Indonesia, Elementary division), Priyanka Chopra (Indonesia, Middle School division), Hyun Soo Lee (Republic of Korea, High School division).


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