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Measures against organized terrorist, criminal forces will continue unabated – NISS 

Addis Ababa, May 11, 2024 (FBC) – The National Intelligence and Security Service (NISS) announced that the law enforcement activity being taken against forces attempting to commit organized terrorist and criminal activities in Addis Ababa would further be consolidated.

According to a statement obtained from the National Intelligence and Security Service, a report on intelligence operations carried out in Addis Ababa and surrounding areas was presented to senior intelligence and security officials, and discussed today.

Chief of Staff Field Marshal Birhanu Jula, National Intelligence and Security Service Director-General Redwan Hussein, senior officials of federal intelligence and security service institutions, judicial institutions and regional security bureaus have taken part in the consultative forum.

During the discussion, it has been noted that success has been achieved in preventing and thwarting the organized conspiracy of anti-peace forces and other illegal activities.

This is due to the coordinated operations of the intelligence and security service institutions, it was noted.

The statement also said that the network of the clandestinely organized extremist force that operated in the name of Fano in the Amhara region, but moved to Addis Ababa to create havoc in the political and economic capita, due to its inability to resist the heavy blow of the National Defense Force, has been dismantled.

Similarly, the measure taken against the Shene terrorist group, which is trying to disrupt the peaceful movement of the people in some areas of Oromia region, has broken the backbone of the group and caused huge human and material losses.

According to the statement, the service has foiled the attempts of groups with ties to anti-peace forces to commit robbery, kidnaping and other organized crimes in Addis Ababa and its surroundings. The attempts were foiled by coordinated surveillance and operations conducted by security and intelligence agencies.

More than 174 individuals suspected of the crimes have been arrested with incendiary explosives and various weapons and their cases are being investigated in accordance with the law, it said.

In addition, the statement stated that individuals working in revenues and customs, banks, judiciary and some government offices who embitter the people, are involved in looting and collaborating with destructive forces are being identified and detained.

Chief of Staff Field Marshal Birhanu Jula said on the occasion that the joint operations of the security and intelligence institutions have enabled them to break the backbone of the destructive forces involved in terrorism, organized robbery, robbery, and kidnaping.

This helped to create relative peace and made the people lead normal activities, he stated.

The security and intelligence institutions will continue to consolidate their efforts to achieve better performance while correcting the gaps and limitations, the chief of staff pointed out, adding that similar platforms will continue in the future.

NISS Director-General Redwan Hussein said the security and intelligence institutions will continue to carry out operations to avert organized crimes, terrorism and activities of anti-peace forces based on survilliance.

He stressed that all institutions have reached consensus on the need to improve, inspect and evaluate themselves to carry out the mission efficiently and avoid the risks that would cause grievances among the public.

The forum was relevant to exchange useful experiences, he added.

Redwan stated efforts will continue to hold similar forums in a joint and coordinated manner to take the reforms to a new height, ensure the support of the public and make the security and intelligence institutions free from corrupt practices.

Finally, the director-general stated that a consensus has been reached that information exchange and multifaceted support between intelligence and security institutions be managed in a manner that ensures national peace and security, and that similar platforms be prepared and performances evaluated, as reported by ENA.


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