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Ethiopia quits new sports betting licences

Addis Ababa, January 13, 2020 (FBC) –The National Lottery Administration of Ethiopia has suspended issuing new licences for sports betting companies.

The administration told FBC today that “No new licences will  be given until an effective betting control mechanism is put in place.”

Fana Broadcasting Corporate recently provided series of news coverage and tried to look into the social impact of sports betting in the country.

The Economist, an English-language weekly magazine-format newspaper, also published an article on how gambling is becoming a serious problem in Ethiopia.

“Ethiopia has caught gambling fever” said the newspaper in its September 5th 2019 edition.

“Sports betting shops are springing up across the country. People have gone crazy,” it said.

As parts of a move to reduce the impact of gambling, the National Lottery Administration suspended providing new licences.

A total of 22 sports betting companies are currently operating in the country.

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