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Over 7.5 billion seedlings being prepared for upcoming planting season – Ministry

Addis Ababa, May 21, 2024 (FBC) – Over 90 million quintals of irrigated wheat has been harvested so far throughout Ethiopia, according to the Minister of Agriculture Girma Amente.

Addressing the progress in the sector, the Minister highlighted the various successes recorded over the past 10 months of the 2023/24 fiscal year.

The Minister revealed that in the last 10 months alone, 2.97 million hectares of land have been sown with wheat, and the harvest has already yielded more than 90 million quintals of the staple grain.

Acknowledging that the full irrigated wheat harvest is not yet complete, the Minister assured that concerted efforts are underway to collect the remaining yield.

Highlighting the success story of the ‘YeLematvTrufat’ program, Girma revealed that 57 million chickens have been hatched so far this fiscal year, exceeding the nationwide plan.

Furthermore, the Minister confirmed that the government’s initial plan to plant 6.5 billion tree seedlings during the upcoming Ethiopian rainy season has been surpassed, with over 7.5 billion seedlings now being prepared for the Green Legacy initiative’s ambitious reforestation drive.

Girma also highlighted the effective efforts undertaken to significantly reduce soil pollution through community-mobilized watershed management initiatives, demonstrating the holistic approach to sustainable agricultural development.

These achievements in wheat production, poultry farming, and large-scale reforestation under the Green Legacy Initiative reflect the Ethiopian government’s strategic vision and the hard work of the nation’s farmers and communities.

As the country continues to strive for food security and environmental resilience, these advancements serve as a testament to the transformative changes underway in the agricultural sector.

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