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PM Abiy Ahmed says activities in progress to bring durable peace 

Addis Ababa, March 28, 2023 (FBC) – Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has appeared before the parliament to present a 6 months performance report. The Prime Minister responded to queries raised by members of the parliament regarding the job performance report and latest developments in the country including peace efforts. 

Responding to question regarding peace and security the primer said that peace as relative course of action is in its positive progressive path.

He said that there are many initiatives that are in progress to bring about durable peace.

“Peace entails everyone standing at the forefront in pursuing peace: PM Abiy has stated.

The Primer also added that the Government of Ethiopia is making efforts to build a democracy as it is witnessed by the recent initiatives towards sustainable peace.

“We need to think about sustaining these efforts even with shortcomings as the alternative is a path not useful for Ethiopians”, Abiy added.

Regarding Media and Freedom of speech PM Abiy said that media rights come with professional responsibilities.

He said there are some Media outlets that are unnecessarily incite conflict.

The primer urged the referred media outlets to reflect on their actions, while calling viewers to be critical in their viewership”

“We have not undertaken any actions that are not grounded in intelligence Abiy stated regarding Freedom of Movement adding that actions taken by the Government are to ensure the peace and security of citizens.

“We need to make sure that freedom of movement is respected for the benefit of all and not to incite violence”, PM Abiy has stated.

The Government is highly committed to bring a peaceful resolution on the issue of security in Ethiopia; Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed said adding that the country’s security sector is also on guard to ensure not further bloodshed occurs while pursuing the path of dialogue.

The Prime Minister said peace is now prevailing in many parts of the country due to the measures taken by the government including the peace agreement reached to end the conflict in northern parts of the country.

“Peace entails everyone standing at the forefront in pursuing peace. While peace is relative, there are many initiatives that are in progress to bring about durable peace.” 

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