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Political parties should exercise dialogue in solving problems: Political Parties Joint Council Chair

Addis Ababa, May 31, 2024 (FBC) – Addis Ababa Political Parties Joint Council Chairman Mulugeta Abebe said that all parties in Ethiopia should practice dialogue in finding solutions to the various challenges.

The chairman told ENA that the council firmly believes that political problems of the country should be solved through dialogue and building national consensus.

According to him, 14 of the 16 political parties under the Addis Ababa Political Parties Joint Council are keen to contribute to the national dialogue and work for its success.

“It is necessary to work hard to create common understanding on major issues by making use of the opportunity brought by the Ethiopian National Dialogue Commission and making dialogue a practice,” he noted.

The council will consolidate its contribution to the national dialogue, the chairman pointed out, adding that every citizen should also actively participate in the consultation process with a sense of ownership.

Ethiopian National Dialogue Commissioner Blaine Gebremedhin said on her part that the process of the dialogue chapter that started in Addis Ababa is going in democratic ways.

Today, the commission briefed stakeholders, including political party representatives, scholars, NGOs, government bodies, influential personalities, on the agenda gathering process.

Recall that the dialogue chapter in Addis Ababa with representatives from 119 woredas opened on Wednesday.

Commissioner Blaine stated that the dialogue process is going according to plan and the respect of the participants to one another showed that problems can be resolved through consultations.

“It showed their readiness for peace and consultation,” she said, revealing that the representatives  would later in the process draw up a consolidated agenda and elect participants who represent them in the next stage of the dialogue.


After finalizing the Addis Ababa agenda gathering, the National Dialogue Commission will   simultaneously begin a similar process in all the other regions.









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