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Russian institute eyes further geological school expansion, cooperation in Africa

Addis Ababa, May 21, 2024 (FBC) – Karpinsky Russian Geological Research Institute, the country’s leading institution in geological studies, has been seeking to promote and expand schools in the African continent.

Director-General of the institute, Pavel Khimchenko said the program is designed to expand the Russian geological school, promote best practices and exchange programs with friendly countries.

The director-general in particular, expressed his institute’s desire to share skills and experience with African countries.

Recall Russia opened its geological Karpinsky Class in Ethiopia last year, while the Russian House in Addis Ababa became the platform for its implementation.

Moreover, the Karpinsky Geological Research Institute organized a Geological Class and geological exhibition in Addis Ababa last week, it was learned.

Khimchenko explained that the institute has been looking for the African continent as a starting point for the Karpinsky Geological Classes and strong cooperation with various countries in the continent.

And he elaborated that the institute has been eager to see numerous expanded geological schools and the classes in various African countries.

Particularly, Khimchenko pointed out that the Russian Geological Research Institute is prioritizing geological cooperation mainly with Ethiopia, Mozambique and Ghana.

“Africa is a great continent, there is a huge geological potential, people are ready to work and change the environment around them, and we see burning eyes.

We have already opened classes in Ghana and Ethiopia, and similarly, we are planning to open this class in Mozambique. At the nearest time in Africa, we will be focusing on Ethiopia, Mozambique and Ghana,” the director-general said.

Speaking on Ethiopia’s unique geological phenomenon, he further elaborated that Ethiopia has interesting geology in its several regions that has given great interest for geological studies, per ENA.

Currently, Ethiopia has embarked on proper geological mapping to promote investment in the East African nation’s rich mining and mineral resources that have not yet been transformed to wealth.

Mentioning that Ethiopia and Russia have been enjoying diplomatic ties for over a century, the director-general underscored that the two nations will develop relationships in various sectors including in the geological sphere.

So far the institute prepared lectures, seminars in a hybrid format, exhibitions, specialist exchange program, analysis of current curricula in countries, book exchange, he indicated.

He also reiterated that the institute will continue its mission on the African continent to organize the regular work of Karpinsky’s Geological Classes.

The Karpinsky Russian Geological Research Institute is the leading institution of the Federal Agency on Mineral Resources in regional geological studies, it was indicated.

Its main role is providing support and execution of state geological mapping of the Russian Federation and its adjacent water areas, the creation of a state network of reference geological and geophysical profiles, parametric and super-deep wells.

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