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Some 301,000 Ethiopians secure overseas employment in 10 months

Addis Ababa, May 17, 2024 (FBC) – Minister of Labor and skills, Muferihat Kamil revealed that 301,000 Ethiopians have been able to secure foreign employment opportunities in a secured and dignified manner in ten months of current fiscal year.

Highlighting her ministry’s accomplishments over the last 10 months of the fiscal year, she noted that in cooperation with concerned stakeholders Labor and skills Ministry has resolved to put every action into practice under a theme code named “Year of Productivity”.

Foreign employment was one of the sectors on which wide reforms were conducted with due consideration to ensuring the dignity of citizens as clearly specified by the government, she added.

In this regard, focus was made on reducing predicaments faced by citizens by employing modern technological innovations, she further stated.

The Minister said as the job seekers are traveling to countries with whom they are not familiar, they were provided with trainings which also included ensuring their psychological preparedness.

The government has been discharging its responsibilities of ensuring the safety and security of citizens who travel abroad for employment, the Minister remarked.

Muferihat mentioned that despite efforts made by the government some elements have been engaged in human trafficking by providing citizens with false information.

As every process of employment is conducted by the employer, potential employees are only expected to cover expenses for health checkup fees and payment for passports, the Minister noted.

As all payments requested beyond the above payments are illegal, the Minister warned all those who ask for extra fees to refrain from their illegal actions.

Reliable technology has been put in place to identify the exact addresses of the employees and to make calls to the embassy for assistance in case they encounter any problem.

Discussion is being held to cooperate with Ethio-telecom to enable citizens engaged in foreign employment to have expanded access to forward their complaints by using their smart phones if they seek any support, it was learnt.

Stating that 301,000 citizens were able to get foreign employment opportunities, over the last ten months, Muferihat underscored that ensuring their safety and dignity is far more significant than the number of those who travelled abroad for employment.

Major consensus was made with host countries to ensure that the employees could get to their jobs with no hurdles or inconveniences, it was reported.

The Minister has also mentioned about the ongoing efforts to open new destinations of foreign employment opportunities citing the discussions underway to reach agreement with three more countries during the current fiscal year, ENA reported.

All discussions and negotiations are conducted with due consideration to ascertain the rights and benefits of citizens who travel abroad for employment.

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