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Statement from Ethiopia current issues fact sheet

Fake massacre in the making by TPLF

In recent days, the Afar Special Forces and the ENDF have defended harassments from the TPLF on the Afar Front. The TPLF have been sending in human wave, armed child soldiers and women.

While fleeing, TPLF militia have dumped more than 300 bodies on Sino trucks heading towards Mekelle.

According to security sources, the TPLF is preparing to bury these bodies in a mass grave to support their made-up propaganda of a massacre having taken place. The TPLF’s digital propogandists have in the past two days already begun fake claims of a massacre taking place In Humera.

We ask all to be vigilant of these preparations made gambling on human lives and concocted lies intended to draw the sympathy of the international community.

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