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Voluntary service ultimate expression of love, devotion for the country – Deputy PM

Addis Ababa, June 19, 2024 (FBC) – During the voluntary services launching event held at the Adwa Victory Memorial Museum in Addis Ababa earlier today, Ethiopia’s Deputy Prime Minister, Mr. Temesgen Truneh, emphasized that a person’s love for their country is best demonstrated through their willingness to serve it with altruism.

The event was organized by the Ministry of Peace, Ministry of Women and Social Affairs, and Ministry of Education.

The 2016 E.C (2024 Ethiopian rainy season) national voluntary service movement will be conducted under the slogan “Virtue and Solidarity for the Height of Ethiopia.”

During the launch event, Deputy Prime Minister Temesgen underscored that voluntary service is not merely a campaign but rather a crucial instrument for attaining our objective of inclusive growth and prosperity in a nation like Ethiopia.

He further emphasized that this voluntary service provides an opportunity for citizens to contribute their time, energy, knowledge, and skills towards the development of their country.

Considering the upcoming vacation months for Ethiopian youth, Mr. Temesgen implored the youth to showcase that they are the ones who will build the nation they inhabit, not only in the future but also in the present.

The event was attended by Deputy Prime Minister Mr. Temesgen Truneh, Peace Minister Mr. Bnalf Andualem, Women and Social Affairs Minister, Ergoge Tesfaye (PhD.), Education Minister, Professor Birhanu Nega, and other senior government officials and invited guests.

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