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10 year perspective plan intended to make Ethiopia African Beacon of Prosperity by 2030

Addis Ababa, January 4, 2021 (FBC) – Minister of National Planning and Development Commission, Fitsum Assefa (PhD) said the 10 year perspective plan is intended to make Ethiopia African beacon of prosperity.

In her exclusive interview with Policy Matters, the Minister said that the 10 year plan envisions that it Ethiopia becomes African beacon of prosperity by 2030. The plan is intended to ensure shared prosperity in all its dimensions, where every citizen gets access to it, she added.

“For this to happen, the economy should stay in the high growth trajectory and we target it to register 10 percent average GDP growth over the 10 year time.”, Dr. Fitsum stressed.

Ethiopia, as per the 10 year plan, is working slash poverty by half and register a per capita GDP of 2200 US Dollars and position the country among middle income countries level doubling the current per capita GDP per capita, Dr. Fitsum explained.

“And also unemployment is targeted to rich to less than nine percent. In fact, other goals are also included on the infrastructure side. For instance, energy generation is targeted to reach about 20 Giga Watts. And along with that, universal access to electricity and safe drinking water both in rural and urban areas over the coming 10 years.” she stated.

“It is intended to ensure that social development goals tough lives of our citizens in the sectors including health, education, among others pursuant to the sustainable development goals.”, the minister underlined.

African Agenda 2063 is also included in the plan to improve livelihoods of the people in line with the goals set to bring about sustainable and shared prosperity, she underscored.

The 10 year perspective plan has inclusive and comprehensive goals that include economic, social, administrative and institutional issues, according to the minister.

Agriculture, manufacturing, tourism, mining and ICT are focus areas of the 10 year perspective plan in the coming three years.

Government is working to facilitate better and smooth environment for the private sector, she said, adding that activities are underway to develop private sector development strategy.

Works are underway to scale up best practices in Public-Private Partnership initiative which is becoming effective in areas such as energy and infrastructure.

She further underscored that the 10 year perspective plan is also intended to enable rural farmers get access to financial supports using their cattle and crops on farmland as collateral means.

All activities in the plan show the commitment of the government open up the economy for private sector investment.

Successful partnership and joint venture with domestic private sector and foreign investors will be carried out to tap synergies in a more transparent manner.

Ease of doing business initiative including the one window services and reforms in the state owned enterprises including energy and telecom sectors will be continued as per the 10 year plan, she added.


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