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Koysha hydropower project construction reaches 60%: GCS

Addis Ababa, September 28, 2023 (FBC) – The construction of Koysha Hydroelectric Power Project is being expedited thanks to the special attention given by the government to mega projects in Ethiopia, according to the FDRE Government Communication Service.

Minister of State for Communications, Selamawit Kassa, said that the construction of the Koysha hydropower dam is progressing very well following the government’s move to address the challenges that were dragging the construction of this project.

Meanwhile, the project’s deputy manager Mr. Abayneh Getnet has announced that the total construction of the project has reached over 60 percent.

To mark the World Tourism Week, the FDRE Government Communication Service, in collaboration with the Ministry of Tourism, is conducting a media tour of the South West Region, which is blessed with tourism potential.

It is said that Koysha Hydropower Project is one of the destinations of the media tour.

The Minister of State Ms. Selamawit asserted that the government’s commitment in rectifying the challenges of the country’s mega projects and accelerating their construction is part of the ongoing nationwide reform works.

The current progress of the Koysha hydropower dam construction is a manifestation to this commitment, according to the Minister of State.

The Deputy Manager of the project, Abayneh Getnet, said that the issues that were holding back the construction of Koysha hydroelectric plant have been rectified and the construction is going well now.

It is learned that the construction of the project is being carried out by “We Build”, formerly known as Salini. The manager of the project, Eugenio Zopis, said that when the construction of the Koysha hydropower dam is completed, it will have the capacity to generate 1800 megawatts of power with 6 power station turbines.

Blessed with natural scenery, the area is a major producer of honey, fruits and spices where the roads built as part of the project have benefitted the local community by creating market linkages, it was stated.

It is indicated that the project has currently created job opportunities for more than 4,500 citizens, of which 30 percent of them are local youth.

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