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A ship with additional 600,000 quintals of fertilizer docks at Djibouti port

Addis Ababa January 16, 2023 9FBC) – Ethiopian Agricultural Businesses Corporation (EABC) stated that the fourth ship loaded with additional 600 thousand quintals of fertilizer has docked at Djibouti port today.

According to EABC, So far, out of the 2.3 million quintals of fertilizer that has arrived at the port of Djibouti, about 1.2 million quintals of fertilizer have been transported to the country.

The fourth ship (MV GRECO LIBERO) loaded 600.000 quintals of NPS soil fertilizer that EABC purchased from abroad for the 2023/24 crop season arrived at Djibouti port, EABC disclosed.

According to EABC, the amount of fertilizer that has reached the port has increased to 2,368,360 quintals out of which, 1,166,110 quintals of fertilizer has been transported to the country and distributed to the unions.

EABC also disclosed that five days later, a fifth ship loaded with 600,000 quintals of NPS fertilizer will arrive at the port of Djibouti.

The Ethiopian Agricultural Works Corporation (EABC) is a government development organization that buys and supplies fertilizer from abroad and it has been studying and presenting the national soil fertilizer demand every year since 2016.

For this crop season, 7,875,520 quintals of NPS and NPSB (2,188, 940 quintals of NPS and 5,686,580 quintals of NPSB) and 5 million quintals of urea fertilizer will be imported EABC stated.

By: Yonathan Yoseph

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