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Abiy has a dream as big as Abay 

By Ahmed Mohammed 

The 6th of this July is equivalent of the victory of Adwa, a battle which brought together Ethiopians back then as this ancient nation was threatened to be humiliated by the then Italian colonizers, for the day has set free Ethiopians once again from colonization, this time from being bullied by Egypt and its hegemony over Nile Waters. Back then it was Menilk the second who made it escorted by the entire nation, and also now PM Abiy Ahmed, the son of Africa, has chronicled another victory. And I wonder how never fading his  stamina, wisdom, commitment and expertise are  to tick off all the lengthy complaints  and obstacles Egypt has crafted one after the other as he sleeplessly tries to free the long imprisoned Nile River ,a river which has been colonized by Egypt .

History has well documented that Egypt and Sudan to some extent has gone long to deny the rights of Ethiopia and Ethiopians to make light out of their own very treasure, a treasure which is claimed by over four hundred million peoples of eleven countries, Egypt and some super powers have dared to reject their interests though. But now, a decade after its launch, the dream of Ethiopians has gone translated with the coming of the man with a big dream.

I well understand that his predecessors have the right to take the credit in their attempt to quench the centuries old temptation of Ethiopians to utilize their river, a river which was being salivated by Ethiopians, and the rest of the Nile Basin countries. But no one has paid the sacrifice as PM Abiy Ahmed has paid. But for his chemistry of blood is fused with history and patriotically built up, nothing has held him back. Backed by over a hundred million Ethiopians and justice, he has eventually triumphed over unfairness and interpreted one of his dreams, a dream he has kept in the lead up to take Ethiopia out of darkness.

Do I sound like a die-hard cadre of his party? I earn nothing in return for what am saying, and failure to salute his success stories do have nothing to fatten my wallet, it’s rather reality what has made me witness his success stories, stories which he has made them all outsmarting all the man backlogs of obstacle he met along  ever since he came to office.

Who forgets the piles of ruined legacy he inherited from his predecessors, the divisive rhetoric and the hostile landscape he has to endue, and of course the nearly totally stolen treasures of the country. Foreign enemy of Ethiopia supported by their allies within have been authoring their never ending scripts against Ethiopia, but their evil motives have faded away, leaving ways for his dream to flourish. I’m confident that his newly revised political teachings and perspectives are fit to take Ethiopia forward, a destination his circle set to claim in their aspiration to reclaim the once faded away heydays of Ethiopia.

Mind you that Ethiopia has gone through its first democratic, peaceful and orderly election, despite the globe has lacked the appetites to promote, simply because they are not interested in echoing the bright side of Ethiopia. It’s their right to give no meaning to our noble deeds and doers, but it’s our right too to promote our envisioned leaders.

This second filling over Abay is then the second victory of Adwa, by extension. The colonizer, which has dared to eternally control Nile Waters, has surrendered to justice  after Ethiopia and Ethiopians have patiently and bravely, but rationally proven them they have been wrong, and the man to take the credit, on behalf of Ethiopians,  is PM Abiy Ahmed ,a man with series of dreams he has come to interpret one after the other.

Don’t you get surprised of his moves .Last year this time he surprised us after he successfully completed the first year filling of the reservoir, and weeks before he seconded his success stories holding one of the fairest, credible and orderly election, something has ended up falsifying the wrong perception many foreigners have held about Ethiopia and Ethiopians. And now he has lived up to one of his dreams, the second year filling of the Grand Renaissance Dam, and as the result of his bold action of international significance Ethiopians and friends of justice are today in euphoria, in the mood of victory.

Africa prevails

Ahmed Mohammed is a journalist in FM 104.7

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