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Addis Ababa Mayor wins African Leadership Magazine’s ‘Person of the Year’ award

Addis Ababa, March 16, 2024 (FBC) – The Mayor of Addis Ababa City Administration Ms. Adanech Abiebie and Chief Commissioner of Ethiopian Customs Commission Mr. Debele Kabeta have received the 12th African Leadership Magazine “Person of the Year” award.

The award has been given last night to Ms. Adanech, the first woman mayor of Addis Ababa, for her contribution in fighting against corruption, implementing far-reaching institutional reforms, nurturing good governance and executing projects that would benefit residents, it was indicated.

Speaking on the award ceremony, Adanech said we African leaders need to join our hands to bring the best future for our generation.

Meanwhile, the Customs Commissioner Mr. Debele stated the award will be a further motivation in his future endeavors.

Addressing the occasion, Minister of Revenues Ms. Aynalem Nigussie, on her part, said that honoring the most successful persons is inspiring the new generation who aspire success.

Chairman of African Leadership Organization and Publisher of African Leadership Magazine Ken Giami noted that recognizing successful persons is a crucial platform as they are the architect of the continent’s progress.

The African Leadership Persons of the Year, 2024 ceremony held with the theme “Building Resilient African Economies”.

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