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Addis Ababa’s corridor projects ignites economic boom alongside urban rejuvenation: residents

Addis Ababa, June 11, 2024 (FBC) – Residents engaged in various professions stated that Addis Ababa’s Corridor Development Projects will facilitate business and transportation activities, enhancing convenience for residents.

As the population of Addis Ababa continues to grow, the demands for infrastructure development have been increasing exponentially.

In an effort to address residents’ infrastructure needs and transform Addis Ababa into a city worthy of its name, the city administration has embarked on several corridor development projects in selected neighborhoods.

At its 8th regular meeting of the 3rd year on February 22, 2024, the Addis Ababa City Cabinet unanimously approved the implementation of five major road corridor development projects across the metropolis.

The corridors slated for development stretch from Piassa to 4 Kilo, 4 Kilo to Bole Deldey, Bole Bridge interconnecting to CMC, Bole Terminal to Goro, Mexico to Wolo Sefer, and England Embassy to 4 Kilo.

In a social media post yesterday, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed announced the timely completion of the Piassa-4 Kilo corridor within the set three-month timeline, expressing optimism that the remaining corridors will swiftly follow suit.

Through coordinated round-the-clock efforts, the projects are being expedited with improved speed, timeliness, and quality for public use.

Residents, who shared their comments with ENA, stated that the corridor development will facilitate business and transportation activities, enhancing convenience for residents.

They noted that in addition to transforming the city’s landscape, the corridor development will boost economic activities, thereby creating employment opportunities.

Abraham Eshetu, a young entrepreneur in the food and beverage business around 4 Kilo area, raises concerns about potential sanitation and hygiene challenges in the city.

He recalled how the previous traffic congestion had adversely impacted his business operations.

However, Abraham expressed optimism that the corridor development, by easing traffic flow, will pave the way for smoother business activities.

The youth commended the pace and quality of the ongoing corridor construction works.

Abebe Birhanu, a language instructor at a software college in Piassa, affirmed that the corridor development has remarkably transformed the city’s appearance.

Highlighting its exemplary nature for other cities, he suggested similar initiatives be undertaken in regional cities.

“In terms of cleanliness, I can confidently say the corridor development is remarkable,” said another instructor, Muse Shiferaw, at the same college.

Muse emphasized the crucial role the corridor development projects play in facilitating a conducive and orderly business environment by regulating commercial activities that could potentially disrupt the community.

He commended the ongoing development works for their longevity and quality-focused approach, terming it a positive aspect.

“It’s a great thing,” exclaimed Desalegn Endale a young man who found employment opportunities through the 4 Kilo corridor project. “Not only has it made the city clean and beautiful, but it has also created job opportunities for many residents, including myself.”

Desalegn praised the well-constructed roads for facilitating smoother traffic flow, contributing to the overall development.

“The corridor development is transforming the city’s face, boosting economic activities, and creating employment opportunities,” he added.

Inspired by the rapid transformations they have witnessed within a short period, the residents have developed heightened optimism about the ongoing development endeavors across the city.

Notably, during its 12th regular meeting of the 3rd year, the Addis Ababa City Cabinet emphasized the need to sustain the positive experiences from the corridor development while maintaining the current pace and quality standards, without compromising the scope of the projects.

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