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African and Asian Parliamentarians paid a visit to Ethiopia

Addis Ababa, June 24, 2022 (FBC) – Members of the Asia-Africa Parliament visited the House of Representatives of Ethiopia, activities of Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) Addis Ababa Office and youth centers in Addis Ababa.

The purpose of their visit is to see firsthand the changes that the Japanese government has been doing in line with its bilateral relations with the Ethiopian government in the areas of agriculture, education, industrial development and infrastructure.

The first leg of their visit was a Horizon New Tire Manufacturer, where members of the Asian and African Parliaments discussed the importance of Kaizen implementation for production and productivity as well as quality assurance at JICA.

The members expressed their satisfaction with what they saw and their understanding of Kaizen philosophy.

Visitors were briefed on the concept of kaizen which is being implemented in many countries and a concept referring to business activities that continuously improved all functions and involve all employees from the COE to the line workers.

During the visit, JICA leadership stated that Ethiopia will take the lead in implementing this concept among African countries and is currently implemented in about nine African countries.

Among those visited areas were the JICA-supported youth center in Arada Sub-City, Woreda 6; It was noted at the time that this youth center was another milestone in the development of bilateral relations between the Ethiopian and Japanese governments in the development and social sectors.

It was stated that the members of the Asian and African Parliaments at the time enjoyed the visit and that this will strengthen the relations between the countries and enhance them to a better level, especially for African countries.



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