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African voices need to be heard in UN, G-20: U.S Secretary of State

Addis Ababa March 16, 2023 (FBC) – The U.S Secretary of State Antony J. Blinken, reaffirmed the U.S support towards the objective of African voices in multilateral global organizations.

U.S Secretary of State in his recent exclusive interview with Fana Broadcasting Corporate underscored the U.S strong support to Africa to get its permanent representation in multilateral bodies.

“It is self-evidence for the fact that the continent is the future, the future is being built here in Africa so that African voices need to be heard in the major international organizations including the United Nations Security Council (UN) and the G-20”, the secretary of state underscored.

Speaking about the Horn of Africa, Blinken said that Ethiopia is playing a leading role in addressing issues in the region.

“First, Ethiopia’s hosting the African Union is significant itself, it is an evidence and testimony of the centrality of Ethiopia to the Horn of Africa and to the continent as a whole which is another reason that we want to continue enabling Ethiopia to play its leading role in Africa and beyond”, Blinken stated.

Regarding African Union, the secretary said that AU remains as a critical partner to the U.S in addressing the challenges of the continent.

“Our partnership with African Union (AU) is also important for us, we had the U.S-African summit at the end of last year, apart from the works that the U.S is conducting in Africa that include food insecurity, climate change, health, COVID, economic development and peace and security. AU is our critical partner.

Blinken further reaffirmed the U.S support towards the objective of African voices in multilateral in global organizations.

It is to be recalled that the U.S.-Africa Leaders’ Summit aimed at enhancing collaboration in areas of global and regional peace, security, and governance, and climate change.

By: Yonathan Yoseph

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