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Air Force, Geospatial Information Institute agree to start aerial surveying service

Addis Ababa, September 29, 2020 (FBC) – Ethiopian Air force has reached an agreement with Geospatial Information Institute to start Aerial Surveying service.

The aerial surveying and mapping services to be started jointly by the two institutes is said vital to provide all rounded growth and development of the country with basic information supply.

Director General of the Ethiopian Geospatial Information Institute, Dr. Tulu Besha said informational supply and access is needed in every development sector in the country.

The existing aerial photography activities will be reinforced and transformed in to the better position, the Director General added.

Chief of the Ethiopian Air Force, Maj. General Yilma Merdasa, to his part said, significant number of planes are appropriated for the aerial survey, mapping and photography works to in order to back the development of the country with up to date information.

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