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Armenia keen to bolster ties with Ethiopia – Envoy

Addis Ababa, April 20, 2024 (FBC) – Armenia wants to strengthen bilateral and multilateral relations with Ethiopia, Ambassador Sahak Sargsyan said.

The longstanding religious, historical and cultural ties between the two countries are foundations that can help as springboard to catalyze the path to expand bilateral and multilateral relations, the Armenian ambassador to Ethiopia added.

The ambassador recalled that Kevork Nalbandian, the musician of Armenian descent, for instance composed Ethiopia’s national anthem, which was in use until 1974.

His nephew is also considered a founder of the modern Ethiopian music, particularly jazz and pop, Ambassador Sargsyan revealed.

According to him, the countries have already been collaborating in culture, education, and some other fields as well as the IT sector.

“But, of course, we look forward to expand this collaboration and partnership with our friends and partners in other areas. That can be tourism, agriculture, and energy.”

Moreover, he stated that Armenia likes to strengthen multilateral relations beyond bilateral cooperation.

“My objective as an ambassador here is to unlock the potential for collaboration, not only bilaterally but also multilaterally.”

Although the historical and strong relationship of the two countries goes back to many centuries, the Armenian Embassy in Ethiopia was opened only four years ago.

Yet, it is actively fostering the age-old relationship, the Armenian envoy told ENA.

Ambassador Sargsyan revealed plans for a documentary film and concert arrangements aimed at solidifying the cultural and artistic ties between the countries.

Finally, he pointed out that there were also Armenians who helped Ethiopian fighters acquire modern weaponry during the historical Battle of Adwa.

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