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Arrest warrant issued for TPLF Junta members

Addis Ababa, November 13, 2020 (FBC) –An arrest warrant has been issued for members of the TPLF Junta for committing treason, according to the Federal Police Commission.

In a statement issued yesterday, the Commission said TPLF Junta has committed treason by attacking the North Command of the National Defence Forces located in Tigray regional state.

They are also accused of attempting to forcefully dismantle the constitution and constitutional order by arming, training and funding OLF-Shene group and other anti-peace elements.

The TPLF-sponsored ethnic-based conflicts in various parts of the country have claimed the lives of several innocent civilians, injured many others and caused damages to property, the statement indicated.

They are also accused of committing human rights abuses and corruption. The arrest warrant is issued for the following TPLF members.

  1. Dr Debretsion Gebremichael
  2. Getachew Reda
  3. Fetlework Gebregziabher
  4. Asmelash Weldesilassie
  5. Dr Abrham Tekeste
  6. Keria Ibrahim
  7. Redai Aleform
  8. Amanuel Assefa
  9. Dr Atinkut Mezgebu
  10. Kiros Hagos
  11. Yalem Tsega
  12. Sebele Kahssay
  13. Getachew Assefa
  14. Daniel Assefa
  15. Isaias Tadesse
  16. Dr Aklilu Hailemichael
  17. Alem Gebrewahid
  18. Teklay Gebremedhin
  19. Dr Eyasu Berhe
  20. Dr Redai Berhe
  21. Dr Kidanemariam Berhe
  22. Nega Assefa
  23. Shishai Meressa
  24. Dr Gebrehiwot Gebregziabher
  25. Atsebha Aregawi
  26. Dr Engineer Solomon Kidane
  27. Hadush Zenebe
  28. Berhe Gebreyesus
  29. Yitbarek Amha
  30. Dr Gebremeskel Kahsay
  31. Dr Fiseha H/Tsion
  32. Resk Alemayehu
  33. Dr Addisalem Balema
  34. Zenebech Fiseha
  35. Freweyni Gebregziabher
  36. Seyoum Mesfin
  37. Abay Tsehaye
  38. Eyasu Tesfay
  39. Lemelem Hadigo
  40. Prof. Kindeya Gebrehiwot
  41. Habtu Kiros
  42. Beyene Mikru
  43. Kassaye Gebrehiwot
  44. Rufael Shifera
  45. Lia Kassa
  46. Tewelde Gebretsadik
  47. Mulu Gebregziabher
  48. Kiros Gue’sh
  49. Dr Amanuel Haile
  50. Desalegn Tefera
  51. Engineer Araya Berhane
  52. Almaz Gebretsadik
  53. Solomon Me’asho
  54. Tekiu Me’asho
  55. Genet Arefe
  56. Berkti Gebremedhin
  57. Dr Hagos Gedefay
  58. Zeray Asgedom
  59. Assefa Belay
  60. Shewangizaw Gezahegn
  61. Atsbeha Gidey
  62. Sebehat Nega
  63. Sekoture Getachew
  64. Berihun Tekleberhan

The statement further said an arrest warrant has been issued for heads of defence army and police forces for committing treason and joining TPLF’s conspiracy to dismantle the nation.

Leaving aside the responsibility give to them by the Government and the people, the suspect exposed the army for attack by cutting-off communication system after taking mission from TPLF Junta members.

According to the statement, an arrest warrant has been issued for the following heads of defence army and police forces:

1. Lt. Gen Tadesse Werede Tesfaye (Wedwerd)
2. Maj. Gen Yohannes Goldegiorgis Tesfay (Medid)
3. Maj Gen Berhanu Negash Beyene (Medimedhin)
4. Brig Gen Hailesilassie Girmay Gebremichael
5. Brig Gen Migbe Haile Woldearegai (Ababerha)
6. Maj Gen Ibrahim Abduljelil Mohammedzun
7. Brig Gen Gebrekidan Gebremariam Yebiyo
8. Maj Gen Gebre G/Adhana W/Zegu (Gebredila)
9. Maj Gen Gebremeskel Gebreyohannes (Aster)
10. Brig Gen Abreha Tesfay Berhe (Dinkul)
11. Brig Gen Fiseha Beyene (Werkayinu)
12. Major General Hintsa W/Gorgis Yohannes
13. Brig Gen Alefom Alemu W/Mariam (Chento)
14. Brig Gen Gebremeskel G/Egziabher (Tekem)
15. Brig Gen T/Berhane W/ Aregawi
16. Maj Gen Ataklti Berhe G/Mariam
17. Tigray Police Commissioner Kahsay G/Meskel (Tsinbula)
18. Tigray Police Deputy Commissioner Mengiste Aregawi
19. Commander Getachew Kirose
20. Deputy Commissioner Girmay Kebede (Manjus)
21. Deputy Commissioner Teklay Tsehaye
22. Commander Niguse W/Gebriel Head of Tigray Special Force
23. Commander G/Silassie Tafere
24. Commander Fiseha T/Mariam (Wedi Arba)
25. Commander Tesfaye G/Kidan (Tesfaye Banda)
26. Maj.Gen G/ Medhin Fekadu Hailu (Wedi Necho)- arrested
27. Maj.Gen Yirdaw G/Medhin G/Tsadik (Aster) –arrested
28. Brig Gen G/Hiwot Sisinos Gebru –arrested
29. Brig Gen Inso Ejajo- arrested
30. Brig Gen Fiseha G/ Silassie- arrested
31. Colonel Desalegn Abebe Tesfaye- arrested
32. Colonel Eyasu Negash- arrested

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